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Learn More About Cantarus

About Us

Cantarus Ltd. was established in 2003 by a team consisting of senior Consultants from two of the world's leading management consultancies and specialist former IT contractors.  In excess of fifty years cutting-edge industry experience leading and delivering successful IT projects for the likes of De Beers, United Utilities, EDF Energy, Fortis Bank, HMRC and the RAF resulted in company with an unsually strong and mixed skills base.

A reputation of competitive pricing, innovation and successful project delivery see Cantarus continue to build it's client base to include major organisations such as Barclays Bank, Sport England, Futaba Industrial, Capita and the Stroke Alliance For Europe.

  Cantarus' service portolio is exceptional for an SME IT provider.  Our in-house skills and strong partnerships with industry leaders enables us to deliver complex projects spanning multiple technologies that usually require the involvement of one of major consultancies of the type many on the Cantarus team previously worked at.  Ultimately, avoiding the cost associated with the major consultancies whilst still having challenging requirements met or exceeded is a compelling draw for many of our clients.
Lee Adams
  We are immensely proud of our people, our biggest business asset, and operate a rigorous quality-control process on recruitment and continuous training to ensure we retain the quality our clients have come to expect as we grow. We place great value on experience as well as 'paper' skills, meaning our Consultants base their advice and decisions on much more than just academic qualifications.
Darrin Addams

Cantarus & Nagios

Cantarus has a wealth of experience working with Nagios and the Linux platform on which it is hosted. Our own Cantarus Private Cloud, which provides 24 hour business critical hosting, is fully monitored by an internal and external Nagios installation that provides us with near real-time updates on our entire infrastructure.

Nagios Twitter IntegrationOur Nagios expertise includes, but is not limited to, the ability to deploy, configure, host and extend on the Nagios platform. Should you require customised Nagios plug-ins developing, our in-house development team can accommodate this. Only recently have we developed a Nagios plug-in that will post network updates to the popular social network website, Twitter.